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How To Get Rid Of Your Nipple Hair Quickly, Easily, & Without Any Pain breast waxing

Waxing is a fast and an effective hair removal technique. BUT, when it comes to hair on boobs, you have to be super cautious. If done by the.

Kimmie shared her hardware-store breast hack on her web page: You CAN get nipple hairs waxed off at a salon, but why would you want to?.

Yes--Women sometimes have chest hair and most of us do not want it! Sugaring is less aggressive on the skin than waxing, so it is safe to use on delicate breast skin. You can even sugar over a nipple and not harm the skin (which is not safe to do with soft wax).

It may irritate your breast skin, leaving you itchy and scratching the skin WAXING NIPPLE HAIR: That may seem convenient as getting rid of.

If the hair is either on the breast itself (less common), or in between the breasts, then either simple plucking or waxing/sugaring could work.