Secondary breast cancer that has spread to the skin (skin metastases) - breast cancer and skin metastases


Dermoscopy of skin metastases from breast cancer: two case reports breast cancer and skin metastases

Skin metastases are secondary breast cancers that form on or just below the skin. Secondary breast cancer happens when cancer cells spread from the breast.

Cutaneous metastatic breast cancer is the most common cutaneous metastatic malignancy in women. The assessment of cutaneous metastatic.

Introduction. Breast cancer is the second most common malignancy after melanoma to metastasize to skin.1 Approximately 30% of individuals.

Cutaneous metastases typically occur in only a small minority of breast cancer patients. Clinical appearance can vary, but lesions often present as isolated.

In most cases, cutaneous metastasis develops after the initial diagnosis of the primary internal malignancy (such as breast cancer and lung cancer) and late in .