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The ballooning maneuver in breast augmentation. breast ballooning

Plast Reconstr Surg. 2006 Jul;118(1):278; author reply 278-9. The ballooning maneuver in breast augmentation. Strasser EJ. Comment on Plast Reconstr Surg .

Nov 7, 2014 Sometimes the pain would shoot through her chest without warning — a sharp, debilitating burn so excruciating that Kerisha Mark was convinced she was having a heart attack. Mark had always had an exceptionally large bust, she said, but by her late 30s, her chest had ballooned to.

The air that remains trapped in the pocket has the effect of ballooning the breast ( Fig. 2). With this maneuver, it is much easier to visualize the margins of our.

Your surgeon will insert the silicone balloon expander in a pocket created beneath In breast reconstruction, the surgery required to remove the expander and.

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