Long-term Follow-up with AlloDerm in Breast Reconstruction - alloderm in breast


AlloDerm in Breast Reconstruction:2 Years Later : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery alloderm in breast

Sir: Recently, we have seen a significant amount of attention directed toward the placement of acellular dermal grafts in breast reconstruction as first described.

A 12-year follow-up case with tissue analysis of AlloDerm in revision breast reconstruction reveals retention of graft volume and integration with.

Total Muscle Coverage versus AlloDerm Human Dermal Matrix for Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction. Ivey JS(1), Abdollahi H, Herrera FA, Chang EI.

Alloderm was the first acellular dermal matrix used and remains a popular choice among plastic surgeons. However, while the overall surgical outcome of breast.

What is Alloderm? Alloderm, and other similar ADM products including Strattice and FlexHD, are now being used routinely in breast reconstruction. ADM stands.