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shove it up your ass - definition - English shove web up ur ass

An insult that is used to show disinterest, or frustration. To dismiss a wrongful statement or action.

Definition of shove it up your ass in the Idioms Dictionary. shove it up your ass phrase. What does shove it up your ass expression mean? Definitions by the.

5 days ago used to tell someone angrily that you do not want or need something that they are offering you or telling you to do: If she asks me to work over the weekend, I'll tell her to shove it up her ass! 不稀罕你的!收起你那一套!關你屁事!.

Example sentences with "shove it up your ass", translation memory I will tear it off, shove it up your ass, pull it through your mouth, brush my teeth with it, and.

"Shove it up your ass!" is an expression -- literally you are telling someone to shove or push some offending object up their rear end.