Ryanair's infamous bikini calendar is being scrapped - O'Leary - ryan air calendar bikini


Ryanair sexy calendar draws over 8,000 complaints ryan air calendar bikini

Ryanair's popular - and controversial - cabin crew bikini calendar has been scrapped, the airline's chief executive has confirmed.

Ryanair will not be publishing a calendar of cabin crew in bikinis for 2015, Michael O'Leary has announced. The budget carrier's chief.

Ryanair's infamous bikini calendar is being scrapped - O'Leary. We've seen the last of the NSFW cabin crew, according to the chief executive.

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary with two of the flight attendants who feature in this year's 'Girls of Ryanair' charity calendar. Photo: Reuters.

Ryanair, the Irish lost-cost airline has come out with its 2014 Girls of Ryanair Charity Calendar. The calendar features flight attendants stripped down to bikinis .