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I remember years ago seeing an ad on TNN that had Ronnie Milsap on a curious question in hearing from people who have talked with ham.

[edit]. Milsap is an Advanced-class amateur radio operator. His call sign is WB4KCG.

WB4KCG, Ronnie Milsap, Singer/Songwriter, Spoke at Dayton Hamvention, 5/98 K6DUE, Roy Neal, TV personality, produces/stars in ham radio videos.

This is the equipment photo gallery for Amateur Radio Station W4MNR. Ronnie Milsap's QSL card (front) - This is the front of Country Music singer Ronnie.

page (purely for interest's sake) of famous amateur radio operators. WB6ACU from the Eagles, Country singer Ronnie Milsap WB4KCG, etc.