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Windsor Penis Bush Bandit Completes What May Be Final Masterpiece (PHOTO) | HuffPost Canada penis bush

It was a schlong spree, a rod rampage, a member bender -- but that's all over now. Or is it?Windsor's now-infamous penis shrub bandit struck.

This is one of those moments that sort of just speaks for itself.MT @ AshaTomlinson: Phallic-shaped bush in #Windsor park work of vandals.

Metro UK spotted the massive shrub chub, supporting theories that it stands proud in a British yard somewhere. “By the looks of the crappy.

Some cocky vandals have aroused the attention of city officials with a not-so- subtle alteration to the riverfront sculpture garden.

A 43 year old tree surgeon named Chris Bishop has decided to carve an 18 foot shrub in his back garden in residential Worcestershire into the.