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Pam Oliver has no business doing sideline commentary pam olivers ass

Pam Oliver was demoted and it's easy to see why Fox made this decision. You can want to kick people's asses in every sport, but you can still.

lol @ boxden white and wannabe white boys just photoshop a white chicks skin tone on pam oliver's pic and "n*ggaz" on here would've set up a shrine for her.

She still would have got the job without him though, she's younger and a lot hotter than Pam Oliver. Pam did have dat ass once upon a time.

Pam Oliver will miss the action, the fans and the security guards who is if you're not on camera, you're still working your butt off," Oliver says.

The latest Tweets from Pam Oliver (@Pam_Oliver1). I am here as the PIC of my nigga Adam Schefter to help follow the life of Sammie Greaves, as well as the.