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Armpit fetishism, or maschalagnia, has a long history in art, but is still waiting for its mainstream moment.

Armpit fetishism (also known as maschalagnia) is a partialism in which an individual is sexually A woman's armpits, armpit hair, and secretions can be seen as essential components Problems may, however, arise in a relationship when penis to armpit contact (axillism) becomes an exclusive sexual necessity for the man.

Hair fetishism, also known as hair partialism and trichophilia, is a partialism in which a person sees hair – most commonly, head hair – as particularly erotic and sexually arousing. Arousal may occur from seeing or touching hair, whether head hair, armpit Men tend to have hair in more places than women. Hair does not in .

Man B: It's hard to pinpoint, but I first began to realize I had a thing for looking, the same way some people feel about genital pubic hair.

Perfectly normal. It's a natural biologic attraction. Underarm is loaded with glands that produce pheromones. Hair appeals to male. What would be abnormal is to.