A grandma's remedy that kills parasites better than your 100 dollar pills - garlic ass


onion or garlic ass? - Imgur garlic ass

Hang on guys, I have to go to the produce aisle to properly label my ass. Reply. SpreadYourLegsForTheCunningLinguist2 ptsMar 17 2014.

its like, when you're ass smells really bad and then you poop, and it smells better than what you're ass smells like, its pretty bad. then you say.

Dorris has a really bad garlic booty. 2. I took my garlic booty with me to ward off the vamps. #fugly#shitty arse#rotten#foul bitch#back-to-front. by CountGarlic.

In order to kill parasites, I tried all the natural remedies: garlic, cloves, thyme Nothing worked! She puts garlic in her ass! Hihihi.” Grow up.

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