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Guy who blew out his anus lifting weights | Expired liquid codeine blown weightlifters ass

Weight Lifter. This weight lifter can't handle the load and gets a mouth full of mat. Guy Rips Ass Into A Fan And Blows It Right At His Girlfriend. Now that's one.

Koncheng Moua Cuajzeegkub Brandon Ly scary ass shit. Reply . The first symptom of a blown aortic root is sudden death. Had I gotten.

62. 91. Apr 28, 2003. #2. exploding bum, that one was disturbin . Click to expand ditto. btw hes a *Power Lifter* not a Weight Lifter . I.

Sounds ridiculous, but according to my pops, there was a weightlifter who's bum basically. Off Topic: Weight Lifting Accident blow.

Weightlifter's bicep tore during a deadlift and photo cought it while he was still pushed too hard, and suffered a massive hernia out his anus. Here is a link of the weightlifter that blew his rectum out, not for the sqeamish!.