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Chineese Rapper- Crank Yankers funny crap right here!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! Category. Comedy. Song. Chinese Rapper. Artist. Crank Yankers.

SUCKS TO BE ASIAN?! [Racist kid - Response]. OhSnapits JuzDin . crank yankers Movie Theater Episode 1.:LOL. Tyler The Boss. Loading.

Radio Host Prank Calls Chinese Takeaways with Hilarious Results! FUNNY CHINESE RESTAURANT PRANK CALL FIGHT! Chinese food order prank.

Mooshu argues with a record store clerk about Tupac Shakur, Chinese girls and crack.

Crank Yankers S03 E07. Playing next. 21:44. Crank Yankers S03 E07. TiffanyHarper68. Crank Yankers S03 E02. 21:45. Crank Yankers S03.