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Turkic mythology embraces Tengriist and Shamanist as well as many cultural and social of might and power. It is believed, especially in mountainous Central Asia, that dragons still live in the mountains of Tian Shan/Tengri Tagh and Altay.

Little is known of pre-Buddhist, pre-Muslim Central Asian mythology. There also seem to have been myths of the separation of sky and earth and the resulting loss of direct communication between humans and gods. For many Central Asians, the world was held up by a giant whose feet.

Abstract. - This paper intends, first, to articulate the structure of what may be called the "Central Asian type" of the mythology of the origin of death and, then, t.

Asian tradition is that it always features the wolf and the crow as one set. of the Altaic language group in Central Asia, these myths about the wolf have.