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Human penises vary in size on a number of measures, including length and circumference .. Ancient Chinese legend holds that a man named Lao Ai had the largest penis in history and that he had an affair with Queen Dowager Zhao ( c.

Afghanistan, Central Asia, 9.5, 13.7, 9.1, 11.4, 142.1, 62.6, 1.4, 1.3, 2.3, Measured, 100 1998 Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage?.

Which country has the smallest average penis size? 9,692 Views There is some research that indicates Asian males are a bit shorter but not by much.

More from GlobalPost: Penis sizes worldwide. the shortest among males in the 17 Asian countries for which measurements were available.

What are the largest erect penis sizes on average around the world? Asian guys got the short end of the stick with the smallest size on.