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Asian carp dog treats provide protein and omega-3 fatty acids | asian carp for dog food

Asian carp treats good for dogs, environment. Asian carp join the growing list of novel protein sources for pet foods. Chicago-based BareItAll Petfoods makes dog treats from Asian carp, a group of non-native fish that threaten North America’s ecology and economy.

Our recipe serves up wild-caught Asian carp, barley, eggs, and other nutritious ingredients to provide a complete, balanced meal that is good for your pet and for .

CHICAGO — Logan Honeycutt believes he's found the solution to the invasive Asian carp problem: Pet food. Honeycutt and fellow Lakeview.

Turning the infamous fiendish fish into dog food! Because the Asian carp is an invasive species, Chicago has been struggling with ways to fight the rapidly.

Call it killing two carp with one stone: A Chicago startup, BareItAll Petfoods, makes treats for dogs and cats from the Asian This year the two won a $10,000 Purina Pet Food Innovation Prize, from a field of 85 entrants.