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The Many Tastes of Cum: Straight from Women's Mouths what does girls cum look and taste like

It can often vary in an individual just as a recipe's taste can vary in the kitchen, if some What does a woman's cum taste like? How does girl's cum taste like?.

Also, it looks nothing like urine, it´s white and pale and it´s creamy, not liquid. My girl does that where she leaves a kind of thick cream on the base of my ccock .

Vaginal mucus will taste like skim milk with a little salt. If you tongue her deeply ( Australian kiss) the milkiness will be more pronounced and the saltiness less.

I read someone say it tastes like licking a nickel is that true? Can they change their taste like guys can? phenom4life25 Don't look at this.

It is the cum of a woman, and it is indeed magnificent. The unpleasant tastes and smells have taught me what to look for, which has brought.