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Vaginal Delivery in a Cohort of Pregnant Women Aged 40 or Older vaginal delivery after age 40

Mothers in three age groups — 35 to 39, 40 to 44, and 45 and older infants without birth defects, with a normal, head-down presentation, and.

Pregnancy and Obstetrical Outcomes in Women Over 40 Years of Age required longer hospital stays, both after cesarean section and after vaginal delivery.

Having a baby after the age of 40 has become an increasingly . For example, if you're planning a vaginal delivery, talk to your partner and.

UK doctors may officially warn women of vaginal birth risks For example, in 1973, the average age at childbirth in England and Wales was 26 of instruments like forceps, but this doubled to 20 per cent for a 40-year-old.

Advanced Maternal Age, or Pregnancy at Age 35 or Older People who the 40+ age group who gave birth in a hospital labor and delivery unit.