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Herpes: If So Many People Have It, Why Is Everyone Afraid? Part 2 unprotected sex and hsv2

“The high estimated efficacy of male condoms in reducing HSV-2 from men to women was 28.5 transmissions per 1,000 unprotected sex acts.

Participants' odds of having sex (vaginal, oral or anal) during symptomatic periods were elevated if they or their partner used an IUD, if they.

Exploring them can enrich your sex life and make up for having to avoid other activities because of genital herpes. Consult a health care.

The second type of herpes simplex virus, HSV-2, almost always Avoid having vaginal, anal, or oral sex when your partner has symptoms.

It's worth noting that I didn't understand the appeal of having sex without using a Having sex without a condom simply wasn't worth the cognitive .. “We found that condoms were differentially protective against HSV-2.