Mint Herb Plant Varieties - spearmint with hairy leaves and stems


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The central stem is light to dark green, 4-angled, and covered with long white hairs. The opposite leaves are up to 3½" long and 1½" across. They are ovate or .

Mint, (genus Mentha), genus of 25 species of fragrant herbs of the mint family ( Lamiaceae). Mints have square stems and opposite aromatic leaves. commonly grows in ditches and has rounded flower spikes and stalked hairy leaves.

A tall, vigorous ground cover with oval mid green, serrated hairy leaves with the fragrance of Cluster of lilac flower and stems bearing ovate dark green leaves.

Leaves and stems are aromatic. The most closely related Minnesota species is the Hairy Wood Mint, Blephilia hirsuta, but that is only found in the wild in 5 SE.

Hairy Wood Mint is a native erect perennial forb growing with square hairy stems from one to three feet high with little branching. The leaves are opposite.