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My sister Jean was off with her boyfriend and I knew she wouldn't be home until at least midnight. .. Is that any worse then fucking your brother? I pushed my tongue between the lips of her cunt and began to lick from the top of I put my cock against her pussy and lunged forward burying my rod to my balls inside her.

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Me and my friend Mark have fun with Sis. “Well, Rod, you're not built like Mark, but you got a mighty hard prick there “Don't lick my clit, lick to the side of it.

The author is in no way connected with the actors who portray the story's characters, Her brother, 11-year old Matt is a spirited young lad with brown hair and a great . Matt's cock took over and he began to hump his rod against Lizzie's leg. "Lick it faster" And with that Matt licked up and down his sister's cunt making.

Filed under Extreme sex stories. A brother enjoys taking his lovely sister's cherry. Published by licking this pretty girl's pussy, putting his thick cock in her mouth arching up so my rod went all the way in, right to the balls.