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Joan Rivers Bringing SALLY MARR...AND HER ESCORTS Back to Broadway? sally marr and her escorts

If "Sally Marr and Her Escorts" enjoys any extended life at the box office -- and, who knows, stranger things have happened -- the reason will.

Sally Marr (December 30, 1906 – December 14, 1997) was a stand-up comic, dancer, actress Joan Rivers, who was influenced by the comedy of Lenny Bruce, co-wrote and starred in the play Sally Marr and Her Escorts, a play " suggested.

In the category of hardest-working actress on Broadway, the winner is -- drum roll , please -- Joan Rivers in "Sally Marr... and Her Escorts.".

Joan Rivers received a Best Actress Tony nomination for her appearance in " Sally Marr and her Escorts," at the Helen Hayes Theatre in 1994.

Sally Marr and her escorts (Original, Play, Broadway) opened in New York City May 5, 1994 and played through Jun 19, 1994.