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Western Louisiana's Neutral Strip: Its History, People, And Legends neutral strip

The Neutral Ground (also known as the Neutral Strip, the Neutral Territory, and the No Man's Land of Louisiana; sometimes anachronistically referred to as the.

The Oklahoma Panhandle is the extreme northwestern region of the U.S. state of Oklahoma, The 170-mile strip of land, a "neutral strip", was left with no state or territorial ownership from 1850 until 1890. It was officially called the "Public Land .

The Neutral Strip existed outside the governance of either the United States or Spain until 1821. The Neutral Strip, sometimes referred to as no-man’s-land or the neutral ground, was a disputed swath of territory lying between Spanish Texas and the newly American territory of.

Louisiana's Neutral strip exhibits a culture colored by several pockets of diverse folk groups who fiercely hold on to their traditions and notions of identity.

The story of Louisiana's Neutral Strip, condoned by international agreement, was created in 1806 and ended with a treaty whose Bicentennial.