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Guy freaked out by clear, sticky liquid caused by his erection my penis gets hard and slippery

Sometimes a thin, slippery liquid drips out of your penis when it's hard BEFORE ejaculation — this is called pre-ejaculate or precum. Precum is totally normal.

"Penises get erect in a variety of angles and, depending on the position you're both in, they can more easily sort of 'spring' out of the vagina.

Male discharge is any substance (other than urine) that comes from the urethra (a narrow tube in the penis) and flows out the tip of the penis.

My problem starts when I get an erection. Within seconds my cock starts to dribble this clear, sticky liquid. This happens every time I get stiff. I guess I thought it.

Ask Emily How Do I Stop Him From Slipping Out During Sex the couch, floor, or bed—but if I'm on top of him, his penis is always slipping out! . because of how great the shape is for stimulating those hard-to-reach areas.