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This lesson will provide an overview of literary criticism on Herman Melville's ''Moby Dick'' (1851), examining each approach as part of a historical and ongoing conversation about this widely-celebrated novel. It is most fruitful to understand the various critical perspectives on.

Analyze the literary elements from Melville's ''Moby-Dick'' with this convenient online literature chapter. Students can study the chapter to prepare for upcoming .

the murky waters of Moby-Dick criticism and penetrate the novel's "vital 83) performs a minor service in relating Job to Hebrew Wisdom literature and Christian.

But perhaps they all love a different Moby-Dick. filters a Karamazovian family saga through the literary sensibility of Nabokov's Pale Fire.

(Originally published March 1, 2009) I started reading "Moby-Dick" back Fortunately, I've developed more of an appetite for classic literature.