Wenis - Inherently Funny - lick wenis


Who else can lick their elbow? lick wenis

The act of licking the loose skin at the end of ones elbow. The lick is usually not felt, but it does take practice to perfect the Wenis Lick.

cannot feel it when someone touches your weenis. the weenis game is when you and a group of friends go around and try to lick each other's weenises. this is .

Remember in 5th grade when people would sneak up behind you and lick your elbow when you weren't looking? And you wouldn't be able to feel it until you.

wenis - The flap of skin on your elbow. Usage: My friend told me to look up wenis, so I did. . And if a person licks it when you're not looking you won't feel it.

You have probably heard a lot about not being able to lick your own elbow, of course some people can do that! However, here's another licking.