Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke and the Naked Molerats - kurama and hiei nude


KURAMA'S JEWEL Chapter 1, a yu yu hakusho fanfic | FanFiction kurama and hiei nude

Botan decides that Kurama and Hiei would be happy if they were a couple. She recruits Yusuke and Kuwabara to help get them together.

Kurama has a precious Jewel, but does it belong to Hiei or . Since sex would be new territory in their partnership, Kurama was unsure which.

minamino-shuichi: “ Okay people naked Kurama lol. I'm not happy with the result but I want to post Asked Questions · Archive · kurama-hiei.

And Kurama is so lovely, Hiei is awesome, Kuwabara is a goof, but a softy and Yusuke fights for his friends! I plan to do more pics like this with.

Think: JAWS! dun dun.. dun dun.. After drawing some serious art of Hiei and Kurama (uploading some of that old stuff soon too!!) I came up.