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The clitoris ... to know how to caress it how to caress a clitoris

When you're touching a woman's clitoris, think about what feels good to your penis, and then shrink it down by a factor of 25. Take your basic.

A woman's clitoris can be so sensitive that sometimes it almost hurts to be which means touching her near her clitoris—say you're drawing.

"Touching or sucking her inner lips actually pulls on the clitoris, and it's really useful for women whose clitoris gets too sensitive,” says Laurie.

The sensitivity of the clitoris, the pressure of caressing and the rhythm of touch could be discovered by exploring the clitoris, according to the woman's reactions: .

Seven out of 10 women said they like a technique called hinting, which means touching her near her clitoris - say you're drawing little circles.