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Hide Bottom Link, Delete Bottom Links, Remove Bottom Links, Get Rid of Bottom Links, On Myspace. These codes will hide the bottom links and copyright on.

What is the code to hide the bottom menu links in Myspace 2.0? How do I hide the copyright on my 2.0 profile?.

i have a 2.0 layout and i wanna know how to hide all of the stuff at the bottom. is there a code? also, if you have a code to put your whole about me/blog section.

Here are two ways to properly remove the footer credit links in WordPress + one Is it legal to remove WordPress footer credit links? .. support for if there is a built-in or recommended method for changing the copyright text.

Trying to remove the “powered by WordPress” text from your website's footer? message like “Copyright @ Macho Themes,” modify the footer code as shown below: I'm using “Remove Footer credits” plugin to remove my footer links.