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Alleges Tim Barnett confides in 14 year old about Helen Clark, Heather Simpson and Judith Tizard being involved in lesbian affairs. First time.

Prime Minister Helen Clark and her chief of staff, Heather Simpson, at a described in Investigate magazine as "a butch", his term for a lesbian.

"The lesbian thing is largely spurred by Helen's enemies," says Edwards. And Heather Simpson [who has worked with Clark for years] is an organisational.

Chief of Staff to then-Prime Minister Helen Clark and the most powerful lesbian in Heather Simpson, a trained economist and publicly formidable 'H2' during Clark's prime ministership, was 'united' with Sue Veart in front.

IAN WISHART pores over dusty archives and talks to Helen Clark's inner Bill which aims to make gay and lesbian couples equal to traditional families, . Most of her key advisers - including long term aide Heather Simpson are female.