How NOT to Use Your Heat Pump Thermostat - heat pump strip heat


Heat Pump, Heat Strips or Furnace: Which One Is Right For You? heat pump strip heat

Even though it's unavoidable (and sometimes necessary) for your heat pump to use the heat strips occasionally, there are things you can do to.

Looking for a new heating system in Phoenix? There are three legitimate options when it comes to home heating systems: Heat Pumps, Heat.

First, let's review how heat pumps work, then look at the role of the auxiliary heat strips. Whenever you walk past an HVAC unit in the summer you feel the hot air.

For most heat pumps, the supplemental heat source is electric resistance (strip) heat. When the heat pump can no longer pull enough heat from.

I've been told that a properly sized heat pump should run almost non-stop during the days that the temperatures are the normal low for the season and area.