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Not Just American Pie! Food Items Men Use to Masturbate food masturbation for men

Trending News: 5% Of Men Have Tried To Use This Appliance As A Sex We did something similar when we asked readers about their masturbation habits, but Harriet's survey focused What did that food ever do to you?.

Inspired by the anniversary of "American Pie," here are foods people have Warm Apple Pie Isn't The Only Food You Can Masturbate With.

Men use food items to masturbate and it's not just American Pie! Check out the odd list.

Food - Fruit of mango on the skins. Use these to masturbate - the sensation is fantastic and your cock will taste great too! Cucumbers are a man's best friend.

Looking for a list of household items you can masturbate with? There's also a bunch of fun food inspired sex toys by Hole Punch Toys; from radish butt .. (don' t believe me, just look up “One Man One Jar”, it's horrifying.).