Transtympanic Facial Nerve Paralysis: A Review of the Literature - facial nerve damage and perforated eardrum


Mastoiditis and facial paralysis as initial manifestations of Wegener's Granulomatosis facial nerve damage and perforated eardrum

Facial nerve paralysis because of penetrating trauma through the penetrating trauma leading to tympanic membrane perforation is not.

Facial paralysis is a rare complication of acute suppurative otitis media showed congested tympanic membrane with pin hole perforation in.

Michigan Ear Institute has been at the forefront in developing treatment modalities for facial nerve dysfunction including Bell's palsy and traumatic facial nerve.

A perforated eardrum means there is a hole in the eardrum, which may have been Facial Paralysis: The nerve for the muscle of the face runs through the ear.

Facial nerve weakness or paralysis needs immediate medical intervention! Bell's palsy occurs when the facial nerve becomes damaged.