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epilepsy right temporal lobe and sex

Epilepsy may affect relationships and sex. For example, for some men with temporal lobe epilepsy, it may be more difficult to get and Your neurologist can advise about sexual problems that you feel are directly related to your epilepsy.

Sexual behaviour during sleep includes masturbation, sexual fondling, . Seizures arising in the right temporal lobe are more likely to cause.

Sexual relationships are a normal part of healthy living. Three things lead to sexual activity: first there is desire -- wanting to have sex with a.

PROFOUND changes of sexual behavior in the from of hypersexuality are well- known effects of bilateral temporal lobectomy in animals.1,2 Comparable sexual .

Ax AURA OF EROTIC SENSATIONS and a seizure characterized by sexual verbalization and geni- of the right temporal lobe thought to be due to.