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Halliburton Company is an American multinational corporation. One of the world's largest oil with Dick Cheney – as U.S. Secretary of Defense, then CEO of the company, then Vice President of the United States – and the Iraq War, and the.

Richard Bruce Cheney is an American politician and businessman who served as the 46th vice Out of office during the Clinton administration, Cheney was the Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000. In July 2000.

17, Mr. Kerry declared: "Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton has profited from the mess in Iraq at the expense of American troops and.

Halliburton is one of the largest oilfield services companies in the world, Dick Cheney was a CEO of Halliburton and would later become vice.

It provides equipment and other services to oil and natural gas companies for exploration and production. TRACK RECORD. Under Cheney's.