Teens are watching YouTube more often than cable TV for the first time - Music Business Association - cable and teens


Teens watch more than twice as much Netflix as cable TV - Business Insider cable and teens

Netflix and YouTube rule the daily video consumption of teens, according to a new survey by Piper Jaffray. Cable TV has seen a stark decline since 2015, almost being cut in half in terms of time spent by teens. Teens watch more than twice as much Netflix as cable TV, according to a.

Teens are embracing streaming video — in particular Google's YouTube platform — and are increasingly spurning linear pay TV services.

Teens continue to say they're gravitating away from cable TV as a part of their daily video diet, according to the latest semi-annual teen survey.

More than 70 percent of teen viewing time is spent on Netflix or YouTube, while cable TV is dying, according to a new study from Piper Jaffray.

To sway these teens, some networks are collaborating with social Those who do watch cable television enjoy it largely as a means of.