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What is a Brazilian Wax? — Welcome to The Sphynx Waxing Studio brazilian wax and sex

Getting a Brazilian vagina wax may be game-changer but bad aftercare can easily ruin all of the fun. Here are seven things to avoid by all.

It's a question any waxing enthusiast should know the answer to: how long should you wait after getting a Brazilian or bikini wax to have sex?.

Special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and the women of Sex and the City for bringing the Brazilian wax to the forefront of our imaginations — and.

If you've been scheduling waxing treatments days ahead of sexy time with bae, Strip: Ministry of Waxing founder Cynthia Chua is here to settle.

Even if you've done it a million times, going to get a bikini wax can be a harrowing 4. Don't have sex right before you come in to get waxed.