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While it was most likely W.D. Jones' interview with police shortly after his capture that lead to rumors of Clyde being homosexual (as well as Bonnie supposedly.

Warren Beatty is superb as Clyde - the real life character was homosexual but for the film he is impotent - more acceptable? Amazing to think of it now.

Arthur Penn's “Bonnie and Clyde” is about two real thieves of the early thirties . They are gay, too easy to scar, and avidly gregarious: versions of performers.

Part one explores Bonnie and Clyde in history and in their own time, the .. that Clyde was a homosexual saying, “I was with him and Bonnie.

“Bonnie and Clyde,” to take a convenient example, is most immediately . had explored—a homosexual attachment between Clyde and. C.W., a straight.