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The Top 5 Best Parlor Guitars (That Don't Suck!) art and lutherie suck

Art & Lutherie Ami action General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. It sucks buying a guitar just because you feel that different equates to better.

Smaller-sized guitars are coming back into style and the guitar you (here are the 5 best travel guitars that don't suck); perhaps you'll choose a parlor guitar. .. These guitars are solid, handmade in Canada by Art & Lutherie.

I would love to know your opinions on the Seagull Guitar Company and their instruments. I recently ordered . Yeah, I heard that Art and Lutherie were great too! I understand . your purchase! If guitar = life, then I suck at life.

This revelation must really suck for all those guys named Lex who decided to Art & Lutherie => same A again, French-style guttural R, T is eluded: [a:R].

be out of business months, actually over a year for an email response from them. Regarding customer service, they rate below suck.