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Virgin Oceanic (originally Virgin Aquatic) is an undersea leisure venture of Newport Beach, CA The deep sea adventure will be supported by the 125-ft super-catamaran Cheyenne mothership, and plans to use the HOT DeepFlight.

It's supported from the surface by the Virgin Oceanic Super Catamaran, adapted from Steven Fossett's racing catamaran, the Cheyenne. Virgin.

“I love the platform of a big catamaran. Virgin Oceanic is a new scientific project dedicated to plumbing the deepest points of the world's five.

Owner(s), Virgin Oceanic (2011–) Cheyenne, formerly known as PlayStation is a large catamaran created for the 2000 . Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon.

Virgin Oceanic – Richard Branson Looks To Dive The DEEP . and Graham Hawkes—the inventor of the Super Falcon flying submarine, and the team's “all carbon fiber” catamaran sailed past gCaptain HQ just last week.