The Important Role Non-Parental Adults Have with Youth Learning Leadership - significant adults


significant adults

Significant adults are essential for children and young people. Your child or young person will look up to you to help guide how they behave in relationships, at.

Though a variety of studies have explored adolescents' perceptions of significant adults, there is no clear sense of the implications of the findings for those who.

Adults have a significant influence on the lives of young people. The role that non-parental adults play in establishing leadership opportunities is explored. Adults play an important role in the life of a young person.

Caring Adults: IMPORTANT. FOR POSITIVE. CHILD WELL-BEING. David Murphey, Ph.D.,. Tawana Bandy, B.S.,. Hannah Schmitz, B.A., and. Kristin A. Moore.

Significant non-parental adults likely play an important role in the lives of children and adolescents. This study explores the frequency and quality of contact.