Revlon Double Sided Cleansing Brush Review | BEAUTY/crew - revlon facial brush


Revlon RVSP3505B Pore and Facial Brush Cleansing Set: Beauty revlon facial brush

Sonic cleansing brush to gently help remove impurities and make up, and apply foundation. Ideal for your daily beauty routine. Kit includes 4 brush accessories.

DESCRIPTION. This dual-sided face brush tackles dullness: Large, bendy bristles lift away the day, while an exfoliating pad renders skin radiant.

For healthy skin, use Revlon Skin Renewal Cleansing System. This electric facial cleanser was designed for makeup removal, and deep and gentle cleansing.

High/Low Speed Settings; Includes 5 attachments, Rolling balls, exfoliating brush , pore cleanser, cleansing sponge; Battery operated for portability and.

Keep your skin clean and healthy all the time by using the Revlon Spa Pore & Facial Brush Set regularly. This product is designed to encourage skin renewal by.