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When pages look right onscreen but end up tiny on the printed page, try these fixes. Tammy says she uses Windows 8, but neglected to specify which viewing, which will usually strip away the extraneous graphics, ads.

It's not the printer. Software on your computer controls print size, so you need to investigate the settings on your computer or in the application.

Printers do not support printing 2x6 strips directly so you'll need to configure dslrBooth to properly print 2x6 Windows Now dslrBooth will duplicate your 2x6 template to create a 4x6 print that can be cut down the center.

Small amounts of shredded paper junk lodged between gears that move . For Windows users, select the HP Print and Scan Doctor discussed above to check. . where the ink comes out and is typically a gold or copper strip.

Sometimes a paper jam is caused by only a tiny piece of paper which can be hard to reach. You will want My computer is sending the print job to the wrong computer .. Dirt or foreign particles on the strip is a common cause for many issues.