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This is a list of fictional dogs in comics and is a subsidiary to the list of fictional dogs. It is a collection of various dogs in comics. Comics[edit]. Name, Breed, Series, Creator, Notes Bello, White Fox Terrier, De Avonturen Van Bello, Marten Toonder, Main protagonist in a short-lived 1939 Dutch comic strip. Bello, Blue dog.

While humans are usually the comic strip stars, their canine sidekicks play Are we missing any of your favorite comic dogs? See all DogTime dog names.

Mark's faithful dog in the comic strip Mark Trail; about an outdoor magazine writer whose assignments lead him into danger and adventure; created by Ed Dodd.

Find famous comic dog names from comic strips. Do you have a favorite pup from the funnies? then find its name here.

We all know dogs from comic strips: Marmaduke, Odie, Annie's dog Sandy, Rex is a fitting name, considering he's taken on all manner of foes including a.