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We asked the experts about these five common vaginal odors, and what they mean about the health of your vagina.

Unusual vaginal odor happens from time to time. Even when you're taking good care of your body and your vagina, you may experience unfamiliar smells.

Vagina or discharge smells like onions: What to do. A strong and unpleasant smell, such as an onion smell, can signify infection or another health problem. Sweat can combine with vaginal discharge to make the vagina smell of strong foods, such as onions or garlic.

The scent could also be evident in the vaginal area, Sullivan says, so if your partner notices it while he's pleasuring you (Sullivan notes about.

There are many different types of vaginal discharge, and a quick assessment of the amount, color, consistency, phase of menstrual cycle, and smell of your.