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This is a simple duct tape trap that I have used to catch mice and to deter larger critters such as squirrels, opossum and raccoons. At the end I show a more elaborate version where I laser cut a large sheet of adhesive tape. Glue Traps: Animal remains alive. Pic Professional-Strength Mouse Glue Boards (2 Pack): Rodent Traps: Garden I saw 'sticky strips' & decided to try in two days 2 mice.

Though they may seem practical, mouse glue traps are probably one of the most inhumane ways to catch a mouse. Once the mouse is stuck to the strip, it will.

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How to catch mice with just a glue trap and a cardboard box. The first month we lived in the house, we just purchased glue traps from the .. those expensive, bold looking, rat/mouse glue strips, do not work for the most part.