Employing People with Disabilities - making a workplace for handicapped adults


Training Employees With Disabilities: Creating an Inclusive Workplace - Training Industry making a workplace for handicapped adults

Since 1992, the United Nations has observed the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3. This year's theme is “Achieving.

Examine your workplace for ways to make it more attractive to individuals with disabilities that may experience physical barriers to employment.

Etiquette Basics; Ability-Specific Tips; Prepare the Workplace; Other Considerations Make eye contact with the person, regardless of the disability. Ask before.

In fact, employers can no longer even ask about a persons disability status. aim for 7% of their workforce made up of employees who are differently abled. the country who make a habit of hiring people with special needs.

Adults with learning disabilities adults can face challenges at work, but marketable ideas and products, and their strengths may make them.