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What Even Was Vajazzling? jennifer love hewitt jewelery on vagina

jennifer love hewitt It happened a few years ago -- suddenly gluing things to your vaginal area became, like, a thing. I thought the trend wouldn't.

A tricked out vagina sells books Jennifer Love Hewitt has balloons delivered to her house 53323 Glue fake diamonds onto your vagina.

Yup, you heard it: bedazzling for your vagina. Word on the street is that this movement was started by Jennifer Love Hewitt as she was rebounding from a.

Jennifer Love Hewitt kick starts a new trend that involves swarovski crystals ( definition: bedazzling your lady parts, aka vagina adornment).

They've encountered jewelry of the pierced and clip-on variety. They've even recently become aware of labia tinters. But this week they really sat up and took notice when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt announced on "The.