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Drug doses often warrant adjustment in obese patients. approximately 30% of adults are obese, and 65% are either overweight or obese. . In thrombotic diseases, unfractionated heparin is dosed using total body weight.

Unfractionated heparin dosing for therapeutic anticoagulation in critically ill obese adults. Hohner EM(1), Kruer RM(2), Gilmore VT(2), Streiff.

Comparison of heparin dosing based on actual body weight in non-obese, obese is 33.8% for adults and the rate of morbid obesity (BMI ≥40 kg/m2) is 5.7%.

Reference of drug dosing in obese and morbidly obese patients. dose cap) is associated with a higher aPTT value; Heparin infusions should be . carboxylate pharmacokinetics in obese adults: dose modification for weight.

High-Dose Unfractionated Heparin in Overweight and Obese Patients A total of 1,335 adults were included in the analysis, including 751.