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Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia, is a pronounced sexual interest Sexual focus on female feet was also hypothesized to have been a reflection of a more dominant posture of the woman in sexual-social relations.

I still like the rest of the female body, but when a girl has nice feet it is a Man C: I've been with women who shared my foot fetish or indulged.

I am a woman and I have strong foot fetish! So, yes, I'm living proof!! There is possibly nothing more erotic to me, day in and day out, than the sight, scent, feel, .

I consider my fetish to be mild, I just like to suck on a girl's toes/massage their feet as part of foreplay (and it must be clean).” Sexy Feet. 2. Women spend a lot of.

I chiefly credit my foot fetish to the events of an uncharacteristically Recalling my female friend's visceral reaction to a guy's interest in her feet.